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Medium size semi-automatic winding machine PX1200S-2
Medium size semi-automatic winding machine » PX1200S-2

Pictures available of Medium size semi-automatic winding machine:


Medium size semi-automatic winding machine

This machine was designed to winding gasket from 150 to 1200mm diameter spiral wound gasket.
Both manual model and automatic model available.
Can winding any shape of SWG

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Medium size semi-automatic winding machine Details

Specification as following:



PX1200S-2 Semi-automatic

Producing ability

spiral wound gasket with or without inner ring

Special function

 any shape of SWG

SWG thickness 

4.5mm (also suitable for 3.2mm,6.4mm and 7.2mm after changing roller parts, V shape winding or W shape winding)

Automatic function

PLC size controlling,
semi-Automatic spot welding

Maximum gasket OD


Minimum gasket ID


Total power


Spindle motor power


welder power


Frequency Converter




Power supply voltage

380V/220V for option, 3 phases

linear speed


Air compressor

0.6—0.8 MPA

Machine measurement


Machine net weight

300 kg

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