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Cixi Flyseal Co.,Ltd
Add: #88 Shunhe rd, Kandun industrial Zone Taiwan zone,  Cixi, Zhjiang China 315300

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About Us
Cixi Flyseal Co., Ltd. was established in 1999, located in Cixi city Ningbo China, on the south end of the worldwide famous Hangzhou Bay Cross-sea Bridge, only 100km to Hangzhou and Ningbo airport. It's very convenient for transport and arranging shipment to worldwide.
The company possesses a plant area of more than ​​5,000 square meters with over 100 employees. We're specialized in researching, developing and manufacturing all kinds of gasket machines and sealing materials for more than 10 years. And the owner himself has more than 20 years experience in the sealing field, especially in the gasket machines development, all the gasket machines we supplying are designed in our own company, and our engineers are striving to keep them improved every year, now our technology has arrived at highest of the international level . We have more than 70% market share of the domestic market and gained good reputation in them, and export to many countries all over the world. You'll see our gasket machines in many most famous gasket factories in the Europe and America. Our automatic spiral wound gasket winding machine PX300C stands for the highest technology in the country, it even has more advantages comparing with Aisa Italy's equal machines.        
Luckily benefiting from our good technology in design and developing gasket machines, we're more professional in producing high quality gaskets and other sealing materials.
Now we're focused to manufacture and supply the following products:
1) All kinds of gasket machines: spiral wound gasket winding machines, ring bending machine, Kammprofile gasket (serrated gasket) machine, grooving/angling machine for the SWG rings, SS strip slitting machine, SS strip pre-shape machine, eyelet machine, double jacketed gasket machine, packing tool set, gasket cutting machine, punching machine and calender for reinforced graphite gasket, and so on.
2) Semi-metal and metal gaskets: spiral wound gasket, Kammprofile (serrated) gasket, double jacketed gasket, RTJ (ring joint gasket), Corrugated metal gasket, copper/brass gasket, etc.
3) Non-metal Gaskets and sheeting: Graphite ring, SS reinforced graphite gasket, PTFE gasket, PTFE envelope gasket, asbestos gasket, non-asbestos gasket, rubber gasket, etc.
4) Raw material for gasket: 0.18 or 0.2mm thick SS hoop for spiral wound gasket,  3mm thick stainless steel strip for bending inner and outer rings,  Angled 3mm thick SS strip for inner ring, graphite/PTFE/asbestos/ non-asbestos filler,  inner and outer rings for SWG.
5)  All kinds of braided packings and yarn: graphite packing, PTFE packing, Aramid packing, asbestos, Synthetic fiber, carbon fiber, etc. And their yarns for braiding.
Please feel free to contact us for any enquiry and anytime.
We'll try our best to serve you the highest quality products with most competitive price.